All our available properties are advertised on this site via the 'property search' link above, on social media, and on the UK's number one property portal We can accompany viewings, subject to access and availability, six days a week Monday through Saturday.  Please call us on 01237 322480 to arrange a suitable time. Most occupied properties will require at least 24 hours’ notice of viewings - if you do need to arrange a ‘same day’ viewing please give us a call and we'll see what we can do.

Reserving a property

Once you are happy to proceed all you need to do is call us and we will guide you through the process.  Once the landlord has agreed in principle, we will send you our Terms of Business.  Once the Terms of Business document has been signed, the reservation monies paid and your online application form completed (click the 'Apply' link above); the property will be taken off the market and reserved for you (subject to contract and referencing).

Proof of ID, Proof of Address and Right to Rent checks

We are required to obtain proof of ID and proof of address from landlords and tenants and guarantors under Money Laundering legislation.  NB students your address is your term-time address, not your family address.  

Proof of ID is: Passport (and valid visa if applicable), EEA or Swiss National ID card, UK Photocard Driving License

Proof of Address is: Council Tax bill*, Bank Statement**, HMRC letter*, Utility Bill**, Printed UCAS AS12 letter (students only)*, Confirmation of name, address and status from your University/College (students only)*  Students must prove their term time address.

*Most recent issue, less than 12 months old

**Most recent issue, less than 3 months old

NB - Proof of ID must clearly show name, address and date.  We can accept paper or electronic copies of documents

We are required to complete Right to Rent checks on all tenants in line with government legislation.  We must be shown original copies of documents no later than the first day of the tenancy – we will not be able to let you move in without performing the check.  Please follow this link for the list of acceptable documents:

 Your information will be stored securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act and our obligations as a Registered Data Controller.  We do not engage in unsolicited marketing, nor do we pass your details to any third party other than as required for the management of your tenancy.

Under no circumstance will a tenancy be granted without the above identification process being completed.  If all applicants have not provided us with the required documents within 72 hours of our requesting them we reserve the right to re-market the property.  Any and all Reservation funds will be forfeit.


Referencing guide

The following information is a guide only and your circumstances will need to be agreed with the landlord prior to any application starting. If you are unsure of any aspect, please contact us or our independent referencing company Van Mildert ( to discuss your individual situation. It is possible to pay periods of rent in advance or to provide a guarantor in certain circumstances.

Credit check

All applicants (and guarantors where required) will be subject to a credit reference. If you have a poor credit history, or are subject to County Court Judgements, Bankruptcy Orders or any Debt Repayment schemes, these must be disclosed at the point of offer.  Undisclosed credit issues will result in failed references.

Landlord reference

All applicants that have rented a property within the last three years will need to provide contact information for their last landlord or managing agent. Our independent referencing company will check that the rent has been paid in full and on time, whether the property was damaged in any way, and that the landlord would be willing to rent a property to you in the future.


The joint gross annual income (this can include savings and rental income, child benefit and pensions) of all applicants for a property must be at least 30 times the monthly rent amount.  If an applicant is subject to adverse credit history, or cannot satisfy the affordability requirements, it may be possible to nominate a guarantor (who must be 18 or older and based in the UK).  A guarantor’s affordability ratio is slightly higher (36 x their nominated tenant’s share of the monthly rent) to allow for his/her own living costs.  NB unless we have been notified in advance of any non-standard rent-shares agreed within the group, we will assume an equal split of the monthly rent for referencing purposes.  If you do not have a guarantor, all is not lost – many of our landlords accept Housing Hand ( with whom we work regularly.

Income must be of an ongoing permanent nature and be confirmed by your employer. For the avoidance of doubt, income from ‘Zero-Hours Contracts’ cannot be assessed as reliable.  If you are self-employed or declaring alternative income streams, income can be proven with an accountant’s reference in conjunction with financial statements showing a steady qualifying income.  Income from rental properties must be subject to a tenancy fixed term which equals or exceeds the end date of the fixed term of the tenancy for which you are applying.  For a monthly rent of £500 a prospective tenant must show income of £15,000 pa; a guarantor would need to show income of £18,000 pa.

Tenant fees

All tenant fees are correct at the time of publishing but subject to change over time, and include VAT at the prevailing rate


Reservation: Singles/families/couples - £500 per tenancy, sharers/students - £500 per applicant

A good faith payment to secure the property (subject to references and contract) deducted from the final balance due on your move day. This payment is non-refundable except where the landlord withdraws due to reasons other than unsatisfactory references being provided or an unacceptable change in agreed terms by the tenant.  NB failure by an applicant or guarantor to provide requested documents and complete referencing forms within 72 hours will be deemed an unacceptable change in agreed terms.  Please note that until the Terms of Business document is signed by all applicants and the reservation has been paid, the property will not be withdrawn from the market and we will continue to conduct viewings with other applicants.  We are required to notify the landlord of all offers.

Set Up Fee: £200 per applicant (18+ years at the commencement or during the initial fixed term of the tenancy)

Administration cost of vetting applicants, obtaining and collating required documents, carrying out the applicant reference checks, arranging the tenancy, and drawing up tenancy documents.

Guarantor Set Up Fee: £72 per guarantor

Administration cost of carrying out guarantor vetting and reference checks and compiling documents.  The first guarantor fee is discounted by 50% for each student applicant for a student-specific property; the full fee will apply for all applicants in the event of changes of guarantor, or additional guarantors.

Check-In Fee: £48 per attendance (£12 per student for student specific properties)

Appointment at the property on the move day to deal with any initial enquiries, release keys, record the meter readings and notify current utility suppliers and relevant authorities of the change in occupation.  If tenants do not attend the check-in appointment or fail to present their Right to Rent documents at the appointment, the check-in fee will still apply; we will provide the above services and commence the tenancy.  Tenants can collect their keys and present their Right to Rent documents by appointment at our offices.  Please note, we cannot set-up utility accounts in tenants’ names – the utility companies should contact you to complete this process (if they do not contact you, it is advisable to contact them to avoid accruing large bills).

Inventory Contribution:

Contribution to the cost of providing and collating an inventory and schedule of condition report of the property, the majority cost is paid by the landlord. This is only required if the landlord requests us to provide this service.  The cost varies depending on the size of the property due to the length of time required to produce the report.

Deposit Registration Fee: £36 per tenancy

To process the deposit, registering it with a government regulated body within the legally required time scale.  If Home James Lets have been instructed to register the deposit on behalf of the landlord it will be done with the Deposit Protection Service Custodial Scheme.  The full terms and conditions will be provided when the deposit is registered and are publicly available on the deposit protection scheme websites.  For further information please see:

Card Payment Surcharges: Please refer to the payment section at the end of this document

There is no surcharge for card payments.  We are able to accept one reservation payment per applicant on a UK debit card – rent, deposits, and other services must be paid for by bank transfer.  We do not accept credit cards or international debit cards.

First Rent Payment: Please refer to your Tenancy Agreement

The first rent payment must be made before the tenancy commences.  Subsequent rents are paid calendar monthly in advance (unless otherwise agreed), due each month on the anniversary day of the tenancy commencement, unless the date does not exist (eg 30th February) in which case the rent will be due on the last day of the calendar month.

Other fees

Lock Out: £30 per visit (£60 out of office hours)

We are unable to give out any management keys that we hold but in the event of a lock out we can attend the property to provide access during (and occasionally outside) normal office hours, subject to our diary commitments and availability of keys.  NB this fee must be paid before or in exceptional circumstances, immediately after entry is given to the property.

Replacement Keys: £30 + Cost of Key Cutting

We keep a single set of keys for each managed property.  We cannot give out any management keys but can have replacement keys cut for collection during normal office hours, subject to our diary commitments and availability of keys.

Late Rent: £25 per letter

Any rent payment received more than 24 hours after the due date will be recorded as arrears (subject to bank holidays).  If rent has not been received after 3 days from the due date we will formally write to you to request payment, and to your guarantor if applicable. After 7 days, a further formal letter to request payment will be made. After 21 days, legal advice will be sought, any legal costs incurred from this point will also be pursued.

Return of Overpaid Rent: £25 per transfer (£50 per non-UK transfer)

We ask that all rent is paid by standing order – this avoids late rent payment fee, and a considerable volume of work for us.  Please remember to cancel your standing order after the final rent payment of your tenancy – over-payments cause us to incur additional accounting costs, for which we must charge a fee

Fixed Term Renewal contribution: £60 per tenancy of up to three tenants (£350 for tenancies comprising 4 or more tenants)

Once your fixed term expires the tenancy will normally become a periodic tenancy automatically.  We can arrange for a new fixed term if agreed by both the landlord and tenant(s), both parties contribute to this cost.  Where a fixed-term renewal comprises changes of one or more tenants, it is treated as a Tenant Swap

Tenant Swap:  £420 for a single tenant + £72 per additional tenant wishing to leave the tenancy simultaneously

Administration cost of advertising the property, surrendering the tenancy, vetting and referencing applicants drawing up new tenancy documents, releasing, processing and re-registering the deposit.  The current tenancy will only be surrendered at the same time the new one is executed.  New tenants will need to sign acceptance of the original inventory & schedule of condition report if applicable.

Landlord Reference Request: £30 per tenant

To go through our tenancy and accounts records and provide a factual written reference to a landlord or letting agent for a future tenancy.  If your tenancy is not managed by us, you will need to contact your landlord directly.

Replacement Printed Documents: £10 per document (£20 per inventory document)

All documents are provided in electronic format free of charge. These charges apply if a replacement printed document is required.  Replacement documents in electronic format can be supplied free of charge.

Arrangement of Post Tenancy Works: £50 administration fee + the contractor(s) invoice(s)

Administration cost incurred where we are not advised of the utility providers by the last day of the tenancy (locating this information is extremely time consuming), a property requires works including but not limited to cleaning including the defrosting of freezers, clearance, repairs, replacement of contents (damaged, soiled or left in positions otherwise than those recorded in the inventory), locks to be changed after the end of the tenancy, or additional visits to the property to change/replace tenant-liability consumables or retrieve keys that have not been returned to our office.

Client Money Protection: We are members of the Client Money Protect (CMP) scheme. Deposits are registered with, paid to and held by the Deposit Protection Service (DPS) Custodial Scheme.

Independent Redress Scheme: We are members of the Property Redress Scheme (PRS).

Property advertisements: All property details have been prepared in good faith, they do not constitute or form part of any offer or contract. Any photographs are provided for illustrative purposes only and any fixtures, fittings or furnishings shown may not be included in any tenancy. Any measurements are provided for guidance only, are not precise and therefore cannot be relied upon. Potential tenants must verify any information before proceeding.

Bills Inclusive properties: Where a student property is offered on a ‘bills-inclusive’ basis, this is subject to fair use policies which will be stipulated in the tenancy documents.

Subject to contract and references: Please note that our tenant terms of business must be signed (or e-signed) and the appropriate reservation paid before any reservation will be in place. Any tenancy is subject to satisfactory references and contract, all correspondence (written or verbal, including but not limited to email and voice conversations) is also always subject to satisfactory references and contract. For the avoidance of doubt no tenancy will exist until all parties have signed a written tenancy agreement.